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This Blog aims to provide philosophical, ethical and technical perspectives on the diverse dimensions of AI

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Are we living in a simulation ?

The 1999 Matrix film widely popularized the simulation hypothesis, i.e. the idea that we live in a virtual reality. Two years later,...

Is AI a social animal ?

Robots could perfectly be considered as ‘animals’ like human beings - who Aristotle defines as the most political animals (Zoon Politkon)...

AI and Animal welfare

While AI advances raise ethical concerns for humans, there is growing enthusiasm for technological progress with regard to animals....

Is AI stupid ?

Answering this question presupposes, of course, a definition of intelligence. It is generally assumed that intelligence is the capacity...

Welcome to the Non-Humans

In his brilliant essay entitled Demain, les post-humains, Le futur a-t-il encore besoin de nous ? (Tomorrow, the post-humans. Does the...

Is AI a threat for Humanity ?

In March 2016, during a technical demonstration at the SXSW tech show, Sophia’s creator (David Hanson founder of Hanson Robotics) asked...

The two versions of AI

The two versions of AI In 1980, J. Searle introduced a fundamental distinction between ‘weak AI’ and ‘strong AI’. Weak (or narrow) AI...

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